How Do You Use a Boeing 737 Seating Map to Find the Most Comfortable Seats?


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To use a Boeing 737 seating map to find the most comfortable seats, look for the over-wing exit-row seats with extra legroom, and the first row of seats located behind the First Class cabin, as these usually offer extra legroom and have no reclining seats in front. However, check the seating map for your flight on review sites such as SeatGuru.com or SeatMaestro.com, as comfort levels vary according to the airline, plane model and version.

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How Do You Use a Boeing 737 Seating Map to Find the Most Comfortable Seats?
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To find the seat plan for a specific Boeing 737, visit SeatGuru.com, click Find Seat Maps on the home page and enter your airline, departure date and either the flight number or departure and destination cities. The site uses color coding to identify good and bad seats. Mouse over a seat to see a pop-up box that describes the seat's comfort levels and amenities. SeatMaestro.com also offers color-coded seating plans using a similar search tool from its home page.

The Boeing 737 is a narrowbody jet with a single aisle and a number of different seating configurations. For example, United Airlines' 737-800 (738) Economy Plus has 37 seating rows while the Delta Airlines 737-800 (73H) has 33 rows. The bulkhead seats on the United Airlines seating configuration offer extra legroom while the bulkhead seats on the Delta plan have restricted legroom and narrow seats, according to SeatGuru.com.

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