How Do You Use Bluetooth HandsFreeLink in a Honda?


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To pair a phone to the Bluetooth HandsFreeLink in Honda model vehicles, hold down the DISP key to access the Settings screen, and select the Phone Settings option. If the phone has previously been paired, click Bluetooth Device; if you are pairing a new phone or adding an additional phone, select Connect Phone.

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On the following screen, click Add Bluetooth Device, and verify that the Bluetooth connection on your device is detectable by turning on its the discovery mode and selecting OK. The HandsFreeLink performs a search for your phone until it is discovered and appears on the HFL list. If the device is not listed on the HandsFreeLink screen, select the Phone Not Found button, and seek the HandsFreeLink option from the list of discoverable devices on your phone.

After the option is presented to connect your device to HandsFreeLink, you are given a six-digit code. Compare the provided code from the screen to the code on your phone, and after checking that they match, connect to the HandsFreeLink system by clicking on the HandsFreeLink option. Upon connecting the Bluetooth device, the system asks to enable Phone Synchronization; to import contacts and call history from your phone, select the On switch, which allows automatic syncing of data.

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