How Do You Use a Battery Tender Plus on an RV?


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Use a Battery Tender Plus on a recreational vehicle by connecting the charging leads to the appropriate post of the battery using the clip or ring connectors and plugging the unit into an electrical outlet. If you connect the unit correctly, the red light glows steadily and the green light blinks initially. Once the battery charge reaches the preset level, the green light also glows continuously. If the red and green lights alternately flash, you have reversed the lead polarity.

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The Battery Tender Plus is a trickle charger with a microprocessor control unit that increases charging safety. The unit automatically adjusts for temperature and provides a full charge for the battery if necessary. The unit works with all lead-acid, flooded and gel batteries. It maintains the RV batteries in a fully charged state when the engine's alternator is not available to maintain the charge. When you attach the Battery Tender Plus to the vehicle, you can use the batteries to power electronics in the RV without draining their storage capacity.

The Battery Tender Plus can charge more than one battery in the RV if you connect them in a parallel or series configuration. The parallel connection provides the most options for charging, and the use of a series circuit limits how you can use the device.

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