How Do You Use a Battery Tender?

To use a Batter Tender battery charger, connect the Battery Tender to a power outlet, and then connect the positive and negative alligator clips to the discharged battery's positive and negative terminals. Consult the Battery Tender device's instructions before attempting to charge a battery.

Battery Tender devices are designed to be portable or stationary depending on the needs of the user. These devices can stay plugged into the power of a garage so that a vehicle owner can pull up, plug in and recharge a battery using a variety of adapters and extensions available from Battery Tender.

Battery Tender devices are meant to recharge batteries that have lost their full charge over time, such as car and motorcycle batteries, by means of a low output current. Battery Tender devices differ from traditional trickle chargers because of their microprocessor technology, which controls the amperage of the current and ensures that the battery does not overcharge. The microprocessor is also capable of adjusting to a higher current to rapidly charge a battery with very low charge.

When a battery has reached a full charge, the Battery Tender is programmed to dial back amperage to a maintenance level, charging the battery at very low power in order to keep the voltage below the gassing level of a standard lead-acid battery.