How Do You Use an Auto Lift?


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Use an auto lift by positioning the vehicle so that it is centered in the lift area, swinging the arms to the manufacturer's designated lift positions and starting the hydraulic pump. Once it is in position, lower the mechanical safety locks, and reduce the hydraulic pressure so that the locks support the vehicle. Prior to lowering the vehicle, remove any objects from under the car, raise it slightly with the hydraulic pump and move the mechanical locks.

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Prior to lifting a vehicle, determine its weight and make sure it is within the lift capacity. Some manufacturers include a scale with the lift. On these lifts, the scale should read zero, indicating the mechanical safety locks are supporting the automobile's weight. For vehicles that carry an unbalanced load, such as utility trucks, make sure the load on each of the arms is within the capacity of the individual lift arms.

Inspect the lift before each use and make any repairs prior to use. Never lift a car when occupants are inside. Keep children and pets out of the work area when using the lift. When the vehicle is on the lift, be aware that removal of heavy parts causes the load to shift.

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