How Do You Use a ATV VIN Number Decoder?

After locating the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number of an All Terrain Vehicle, entering the number into an online decoder provides information about the vehicle, such as country of origin and manufacturer. All VINs are segmented into three sections, which correspond to various information about the specific ATV.

The VIN is often stamped into side of the frame near the shifter, but this varies by manufacturer, and the plate or etching may be obscured on some models. The first three characters of the VIN correspond to the country of origin and the manufacturer. The next six characters provide specific information about the brand and engine type of the vehicle, and the final eight characters indicate model year, manufacturing plan and the serial number of the vehicle itself.

An online decoder automatically translates these characters into the relevant data without the need to research each individual character. VINs are universally required by all manufacturers for all types of vehicles; a VIN for a vehicle is akin to a Social Security number for a person, and the VIN itself includes a verification character which ensures that the VIN as a whole is indeed authorized by the manufacturer. Understanding how to access and decode the VIN can be incredibly helpful, especially in the sale or purchase of a used ATV.