How Do You Use an AC Recharge Kit?


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To use an air conditioning recharge kit, connect the hose of the recharge kit to the air conditioning system, and allow it to fill until the gauge indicates that the system is properly charged. Recharging an air conditioning system can be completed in less than an hour.

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  1. Locate the low-pressure service port

    The low-pressure service port is typically located near the air conditioner compressor. After locating the port, start the car, and turn the air conditioning unit and fan on the highest setting. If necessary, set the temperature gauge on the recharge kit to the appropriate setting.

  2. Connect the recharge kit hose

    Connect the hose of the recharge kit to the low-pressure port according to the instructions on the product packaging. Test the hose by gently tugging on it to ensure that it is attached to the service port properly.

  3. Add the refrigerant

    Release the refrigerant into the air conditioning system, and rotate the can as instructed on the packaging. Typically, the can is rotated a one-fourth turn clockwise and then back to the starting position. Refer to the pressure gauge to determine how much refrigerant to add. Do not overfill the system.

  4. Disconnect the refrigerant hose

    Disconnect the hose carefully, and replace the cap on the service port.

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