How Do You Get a USDOT Number?

How Do You Get a USDOT Number?

The Motor Carrier Identification Report, or MCS-150 form is the qualifying document and first step in applying for a United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number. All an applicant needs to do is either call, write, fax or submit an application online in order to enter consideration and review beforetheir ownUSDOT number is issued.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration oversees allocation of USDOT numbers. They are the processing agency of record for all applications.

Submit online

The most convenient form of submission is the online USDOT registration form. By registering a credit card, providing contact and personal information and establishing credit history an individual can apply quickly and easily.

Traditional mail

The MCS-150 form can also be sent via post. This process is slower than online application, but it may be preferable for those who do not like to interact with computers or who have other communication restrictions pursuant to disabilities or technological limitations.

Fax and phone

A phone call can only secure a form request, at which point the agency will disburse the MCS-150 form to the desired address. Once the form is received, it can be swiftly filled out and sent in to the agency via fax. This process eliminates the occasional unreliability of the postal service from the equation.