What Are Some Upgrades a Person Can Make to Their Chrysler Crossfire?


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The most common performance upgrades to the Chrysler Crossfire coupe and convertible involve replacing the stock air intake and exhaust systems with performance-oriented equipment and modifying the software of the car's Engine Control Unit to maximize power output. Upgrades to the ECU of SRT Crossfires can be particularly effective since the SRT Crossfire's uses turbochargers that can be adjusted for large engine output gains through software modifications.

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One unique feature of the Chrysler Crossfire to consider when upgrading the vehicle is that it is mechanically very similar to the Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster of the late 1990s. Therefore, many parts and performance upgrades intended for the SLK roadster can also be installed on the Crossfire. This includes many performance exhausts and performance intakes, which help maximize engine output by improving the flow of oxygen to the engine and by improving the ability of the engine to eliminate exhaust gases.

Modifying ECU software is another common modification for cars with electronic engine control systems such as the Crossfire. Some ECU software modifications involve installing a chip containing the new software into the ECU physically, while others use a connection through the engine's diagnostics port to overwrite the existing software. While ECU tuning can improve power output of standard Crossfire engines by remapping how the engine injects fuel and controls airflow, adjusting the boost pressure of the turbochargers on an SRT Crossfire with software is usually more effective than ECU upgrades on the standard naturally-aspirated engine.

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