What Are Some Unimog Dealers in the United States?

What Are Some Unimog Dealers in the United States?

Unimog dealers in the United States include Vermont Unimog, the Unimog Center, Mid Continent Unimog, Terry Lee Enterprises and Offroad Imports Inc. Online marketplaces, such as the Unimog Exchange, provide listings of Unimogs for sale in the United States and Canada, some of which come from dealers. These dealers primarily sell used Unimogs.

Vermont Unimog is located in North Claredon and also sells Unimog parts.

The Unimog Center is located in Effington, New Hampshire. In addition to retaining a stock of Unimogs for sale, the company imports special-order Unimogs from Europe.

Mid Continent Unimog is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and also customizes Unimogs for specific uses.

Terry Lee Enterprises is located in La Junta, Colorado. In addition to Unimog Sales, the company performs maintenance and repair on the vehicles.

Offroad Imports Inc. is located in Cumberland, Rhode Island, and imports Unimogs on order and outfits Unimogs for snow removal duties.

The Unimog Exchange lists used Unimogs and Unimog parts for sale by third-party sellers, as well as listings for wanted vehicles, parts or repair services.

New Unimog vehicles were last sold in North America by Mercedes Benz in 2007. The vehicle began production in 1946. It comes in a variety of configurations for specific uses, such as fire fighting or mining.