How Do I Unfreeze My Car Door?


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To unfreeze a car door, start by pressing on it to remove any large chunks of ice. Then, boil water, and bring the pot of boiling water outside. Beginning with the roof, carefully pour the water over the cracks along the car door, the door handle and the lock.

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  1. Press on car door to remove large chunks of ice

    Make sure the door is frozen shut, not locked. Place your shoulder or both hands against the side of the car, and apply pressure. Knock off any large chunks of ice that come loose.

  2. Boil water

    Boil water in a tea kettle or a large kitchen pot. Carefully carry the boiling water to the car.

  3. Pour the boiling water on the car

    Begin at the crack along the roof, then pour hot water all along the frozen parts of the door. Include the door handle and the lock. Use a rag to wipe off excess water to prevent refreezing.

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