What Is Typically Included in a Water Pump Repair Kit?


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Most water pump kits for modern vehicles include a water pump, the necessary gaskets and a timing belt. More advanced kits with additional parts, such as pulleys and belt tensioners, are also available.

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The parts included in a water pump kit will be different depending on the vehicle. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend changing additional parts. Check a shop manual for your vehicle for the manufacturer recommendations. Shop manuals for your vehicle are available from automotive publishers, such as Haynes or Chilton.

If you are planning on changing the water pump, you should also consider changing the vehicle's timing belt at the same time. On most vehicles, the timing belt is located behind the water pump. Many kits also include a timing belt. You can save yourself an additional vehicle maintenance job by doing both at the same time. You should also consider replacing any additional belts and radiator hoses at the same time, as well as the hose clamps.

Replacing a water pump may not be an easy job, but if you have the knowledge you can save yourself a costly repair bill. However, if you are unsure you can complete the job, take your car to a professional. An improperly installed water pump can lead to engine overheating and serious damage.

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