What Are the Typical Uses for a 16-Foot Flat-Bottom Boat?


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A 16-foot flat-bottom boat, also known as a Jon boat or a duck boat, is a rugged utility boat typically used for fishing, hunting or hauling. It is typically constructed of aluminum or fiberglass and often has built-in seating for up to six people.

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These narrow square-ended boats are most often used on inland waterways, propelled by a pole, paddle or onboard motor. The flat-bottom boat design allows anglers, duck hunters and commercial boaters to cruise very shallow water, floating on top of the water instead of pushing through any waves.

The boat's gunnels — the top edge of the side of the boat — allow the user to attach and adjust the position of multiple accessories, including fishing rod holders, ladders to allow hunting dogs better access to the boat and gear storage options. Seats and technology can also be added to the bare-bones design.

Jon boats are billed as rugged, inexpensive, all-purpose boats that can withstand the elements and can be used for a number of water recreation and hunting purposes. These relatively lightweight boats also typically feature handles for easy transportation in and out of the water, and they trailer easily. Most major hunting and fishing boat manufacturers sell flat-bottom boats, and they are often covered with camouflage designs.

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