What Is a Typical Size for RV Lots Offered for Sale?


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Typical recreational vehicle lots are approximately 30 feet wide and between 75 and 80 feet long in most instances. Different states and municipalities impose varying minimum lot size regulations for RV and mobile home parks, though planners generally recommend lot widths of between 32 and 44 feet, with wider lots intended for double-wide homes.

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The size of the RV lots in a particular RV park or mobile home community is partially dependent on the intended use of the lot and partially on the design of the park itself. Lots intended for camping and RV use are likely to be smaller than those intended for long-term installation of a mobile home; however, a length of 55 to 60 feet is considered minimal for RV use due to the need to accommodate trailers and their tow vehicles. Similarly, while a lot 30 feet wide is considered minimal for RV use, RVs that have slide-out sections are likely to require an additional 5 feet or more of width for those sections. Some mobile home parks use a trapezoidal design for their lots rather than a rectangular design to offer the maximum possible lot size in the smallest overall area. These lots are oriented diagonally along the length of the access roads in the park.

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