What Is the Typical Seating Plan of an Airbus Industrie A333 Jet?


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The typical seating plan for an Airbus Industrie A333 jet, also called an Airbus A330-300, has First Class, Business Class and Economy cabins. Four different variations are available, and Lufthansa is one airline that uses all options. Version 1 has two rows in First Class and 14 rows in Business Class, all having almost-flat bed-seats. The First Class section seats face straight ahead, while the Business Class seats are at angles. Rows 24 through 46 are all Economy seats.

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Version 2 is similar in seat configuration, but in First Class, the seats recline a full 180 degrees, while in Business Class, the seats recline 165 degrees. The Economy seats recline a full 113 degrees. This configuration is most often used on transcontinental and other longer flights.

Version 3 has a four-cabin layout: First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy. The difference between the two economies is a slightly wider seat and more legroom in Premium Economy. Only three rows are set aside for Premium Economy, while rows 23 through 46 are Economy.

Version 4 is similar, except the Business Class cabin is larger and there are fewer Economy Class seats. In all versions, the Economy Class cabins are tight, with seat cushion widths averaging 17.5 inches. Premium Economy seats average 18.7 inches. The main difference is in the pitch, or the amount of space between the rows of seats. Economy Class averages a pitch of 31 to 32 inches, while Premium Economy averages 38 inches.

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