What Is the Typical Range for Motorhome Tire Sizes?


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Typical tire sizes for motor homes and recreational vehicles range from 18 to 30 inches. Many Class B and C motor homes use 16- to 18-inch standard light truck tires, while Class A motor homes often use larger specialized commercial truck or RV tires of 25 inches in diameter or larger.

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What Is the Typical Range for Motorhome Tire Sizes?
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The tire sizes used for motor homes vary widely due to the many different sizes and types of vehicle chassis that are used in RV and motor home construction. Class B and Class C motor homes are based on cargo van or light truck chassis, so many motor homes in these classes use the same wheel and tire sizes as the original vehicle that they are based on. Class A motor homes are based on larger commercial bus or truck chassis and therefore require larger tires.

Tire sizes for towed trailer homes, travel trailers and toy haulers also vary widely depending on the size of the trailer in question. Smaller travel trailers may have tires as small as 16 inches, while a large fifth-wheel or toy hauler can be as large as those used on Class A motor homes. Trailers can also use special ST-rated tires intended only for use on trailer axles that are less expensive that the LT-rated light truck tires used on motor homes.

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