What Are Some Typical Questions on a Motorcycle Driving Test?

Typical questions on a motorcycle driving test cover topics about wearing a helmet, using the front and rear brake, and knowing when to stop or slow down. The test questions vary slightly based on the state, since different states have different driving laws for motorcycles.

Questions on motorcycle driving tests includes asking what passengers on motorcycles should do, how to create a formation when riding with groups, what eye protection is necessary and what the main causes of motorcycle accidents are. Some states require helmets and eye protection while riding and have specific guidelines for what riders must wear.

When looking up the common questions for motorcycle tests, it is important to look up practice tests for the state where you intend to take the test. For example, California has specific speed limits for riding a motorcycle. This question might not be the same or have the same question if someone lives in Florida or Texas. States also have questions about riding at safe speeds. It is also a good idea to learn the correct answers to questions such as what a motorcycle needs to be street legal, how a motorcycle rider can make himself more visible and what the best lane position is for safe driving.