What Are Some Typical Questions on a Boat License Test?

One common boat license test question is "When are you required to give your name, address and boat identification to the operator of another vessel?" Another is "When retrieving your boat, you should back the trailer into the water until how much of the bunks or rollers are submerged?"

"Capsizing occurs most often with which type of boat?" is another question you might encounter in a boat license test, and so are safety questions such as "What is the best immediate treatment for a hypothermia victim?"

Boat license test questions are multiple choice in nature. If more than one answer seems correct but the question requires only one answer, confirm that the choice you believe to be the answer completely addresses the question. If the choice is correct only under certain conditions, it's likely not the correct answer.

Always guess if the test provides no penalty for guessing, as leaving a question unanswered can be the much bigger offense.