What Are Some Typical Problems With the Honda Fit?

Some typical problems with the 2015 Honda Fit include issues with its interior accessories, its air conditioning and heater, and its transmission. In addition, some Fit owners have noted problems with the windows and windshield, as well as its wheels and hubs. There have been four recalls for the 2015 Honda Fit. Issues prompting the recalls include two separate airbag deployment procedure failures, transmission control software malfunctions and ignition wire failures.

The most common interior accessory problem reported about the 2015 Honda Fit by owners is its uncomfortable seats. Owners note the issue arising at around the 700-mile mark, with claims of extreme discomfort resulting in severe neck, back and leg pains. As of 2015, this issue persists, and the manufacturer has not addressed this issue.

Air conditioning and heater issues with the Fit revolve around a malodor present when running the system, including defrost settings. Owners who reported the problem likened the smell to mold or mildew, wet mulch and dirty socks. Suggestions for repair include checking the evaporator and the air filter; however, there are currently no consistent solutions available.

Transmission problems with the 2015 Honda Fit include hesitation when accelerating and complete transmission failure. Failures occurred between the 16,000- and 57,000-mile marks and were replaced through the manufacturer's warranty.