What Is the Typical Price Range of a Classic Car?

typical-price-range-classic-car Credit: John E Adams of Adams Views Imaging/Moment/Getty Images

The cost of a classic car varies greatly by its make, model, year and condition. In January 2015, Keith Martin's Sports Car Market classified ads ranged from $6,500 for a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief Sedan to $689,000 for a 1959 Lotus 18 Formula Junior race care.

BuyClassicCars.com showed a range from $5,200 for a 1972 Alfa-Romeo Montreal eight-cylinder coupe to $434,000 for a 1955 Austin-Healey 100S Roadster in January 2015. Finding the right price for purchasing or selling a classic car is risky, and a lot of people have lost money by making mistakes during both processes, according to The Classic Car-Nection. Many appraisal services charge a high fee, so self-appraising using car pricing guide is often a better option.

Several U.S. classic cars price guides are available, according to BuyClassicCars.com, a website that compiles pricing guides and sales figures from around the country into a tool called Hi-Bid that allows users to browse sale prices from various auctions. This resource is updated weekly as of January 2015.

The AutoTrader Classics website is another resource with a classic car search that provides tips and tools for pricing classic cars. It provides purchase information ranging from shipping to insurance as well as maintenance information about tires, tools, supplies and parts.