What Is the Typical Method for Disabling an Alarm?

What Is the Typical Method for Disabling an Alarm?

The typical method to temporarily disable a car alarm is to disconnect the car battery. Do this by disconnecting the negative battery terminal. However, this method may not work for some car models like Vipers or Audiovox. It takes longer to disable the alarm because these models have battery backups. Therefore, after disconnecting the car's battery, locate the car horns and disconnect them, then fix the problem with the alarm, states Ehow.com.

Additionally, Wikihow.com reveals that car alarms are tucked deep within the engine, so it is difficult to remove them.

To disable a car alarm, switch off the car, and then open the front hood so that you can see the car's engine and battery. Use a socket wrench to unscrew the negative terminal of the battery and pull it off. Then, use the car owner's manual that has diagrams as your guide to finding the alarm system in the engine. Usually, it is located near the steering wheel, states Wikihow.com.

Locate the wires from the alarm to the fuse box and cut them permanently disable the alarm system. Alternatively, Wikihow.com recommends that you just remove the fuse box if you would want to enable the alarm again.

Find the alarm fuse in the fuse box. Remove the fuses one by one until the alarm stops. In case you remove the wrong fuses, make sure to replace them. This process disables the alarm until you replace the fuse.