What Are Some Typical Items at a Copart Salvage Auction?


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Typical items at a Copart salvage auction include consumer vehicles such as sedans, SUV, pickup trucks and motorcycles, as of 2015. Other items that commonly appear in Copart auctions are industrial equipment, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.

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Copart allows its registered users to participate in live auctions on a wide selection of vehicles that have varying degrees of damage, allowing Copart to sell them at a reduced price. The damage comes from various sources, ranging from accidents and vandalism to natural disasters and normal use. In many cases, the vehicles have a salvage title declared by an insurance company, which means that the cost of repairing the damage to the car exceeds a certain percentage of its overall worth, thus making it not worth repairing from a financial standpoint.

One unique feature of Copart salvage auctions is that they frequently include vehicles that are not available to the general public. The company requires its users to submit a valid business license in order to access these vehicles. If a user does not have a business license, and does not wish to register for one, she may register through a Copart Registered Broker in order to access the auctions and site features.

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