What Are Some Typical Flat Bottom Boat Designs?


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Some typical flat-bottom boat designs include Jon boats, utility boats and some high-speed runabouts. Such boats are commonly less expensive. They also have a shallow draft, which is the part of the boat that sinks under the water surface. This means that they will rock a lot more in choppy waters, but also that they can get on the plane of the water much more effortlessly because of the shallow draft.

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A Jon boat is made for fishing in calmer waters and is made of various materials, such as fiberglass or wood. The bottom is almost completely flat, so it tends to ride over the waves rather than cutting through them, as would be the case with a boat with v-shaped hull. They commonly have two or three bench seats for riders and are easy to maintain and upgrade. They are also generally built with a transom that can accommodate an outboard motor.

Flat-bottom utility boats can even be designed with a small cabin. They can be built to travel fast by providing the modest power of an outboard engine. They key to designing these boats to be steadier is to lean toward slimness in construction. It is also much easier if building your own boat to make a narrow-hulled boat than a wider one, another important consideration.

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