What Are Some Types of Vehicles Used As Medical Transport Vans?


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Types of vehicles used as medical transport vans include ambulettes and slightly smaller wheelchair vans. They are used for the transportation of individuals who use assistive equipment to move, such as canes, walkers and wheelchairs. Larger ambulettes are equipped with removable seats to accommodate bedridden patients who require gurneys for transportation.

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Made by several popular companies like Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge, ambulettes come equipped with SmartFloor, a technology that lets the driver convert the vehicle's layout by installing or removing seats to accommodate wheelchairs and gurneys. They fit up to 14 passengers who are ambulatory and can accommodate a mix of four wheelchairs and five seats. They also include mounts for gurneys, wheelchair lifts on either the side or rear and plastic walls for easy cleaning. The design of an ambulette is aimed to meet state Department of Transportation requirements.

Ambulettes are typically used by medical transportation companies, nursing homes and adult day care centers. Places that care for developmentally disabled individuals, as well as fire departments and hospitals, also employ ambulettes to transport individuals who cannot be accommodated by traditional transportation. Companies using ambulettes typically offer full service to their customers by entering their homes to assist them to the vehicle, securing them once they are loaded in the ambulette, driving them to their destination and helping them from the vehicle and into the building.

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