What Types of Vehicles Are Offered at a Salvage Yard?


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Auto salvage yards typically contain a wide array of vehicles, such as sedans, coupes, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles, that insurance companies have declared to be not worth repairing financially. These vehicles include past and current models from manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz.

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An auto salvage yard is a type of business that purchases and sells vehicles with a salvage title, either as a whole, or piece by piece. When a vehicle is part of an automobile accident, the owner's insurance company evaluates the vehicle's condition to determine how much money to issue the owner in order to cover necessary repairs. If the company determines that the cost of repairs outweighs the potential resale price of the vehicle, it issues a salvage title and rules it unsafe to drive. The insurance company then works with the owner to obtain a new car and sells off the old vehicle to a salvage yard.

Any type of vehicle can receive a salvage title if the damage is severe enough, meaning that salvage yards may contain virtually any type of automobile. Many salvage yards sell the individual parts of the vehicle to customers rather than attempting to restore the cars and sell them whole. As such, each yard contains a different selection of vehicles with different types of parts available.

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