What Types of Vehicles Can Be Purchased From David Stanley Chevrolet in Norman, Oklahoma?


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David Stanley Chevrolet of Norman, Oklahoma, sells both new and pre-owned models of Chevrolet vehicles, including the Spark, the Colorado, the Malibu and the Impala, as of 2015. The dealership also sells fully customized new cars and trucks, called Customz, that feature many special options and details.

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All of the vehicles sold by David Stanley Chevrolet of Norman are manufactured by Chevrolet, which means that it does not sell any other makes of cars. Customers are able to view the selection of cars and trucks at the dealership by visiting the physical dealership, located at 1221 Ed Noble Parkway in Norman, Oklahoma, or by visiting the dealer's website, DavidStanleyChevroletofNorman.com. The website contains separate sections for each type of Chevrolet vehicle currently in stock, accessible by clicking on a button in the main navigation bar.

The New Vehicles section contains all the listings for completely new models, with options to sort through the dealership's inventory by price, model, year or available options. The section for pre-owned cars, titled Used Vehicles, contains a similar set of search tools, but with added options for features specific to used cars. In the Customz section, customers can browse through trucks and other vehicles that have unique customizations that range from high-end factory options to special features not standard on the models.

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