What Types of Vehicles Can a Mobil 1 Oil Filter Fit?


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To find out which types of vehicles a Mobil 1 oil filter fits, a consumer can view the lengthy list on the Mobil 1 website, but some of the vehicles are the Ford Focus, Dodge Ram and Mazda 6. Others include the Buick Enclave and Cadillac CTS, as of 2015.

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One of the features of Mobil 1 oil filters is long-life performance, which is ideal for the long oil drain intervals of modern vehicles. These filters also contain synthetic fibers that clean the oil as it goes through the filter. This helps the oil last longer and perform better, and also helps to remove more contaminants from the oil than a traditional filter. A Mobil 1 oil filter can also remove and hold up to three times more dirt than economy filter brands, and it reduces the oil flow resistance.

When a Mobil 1 oil filter pairs with synthetic oil, it can provide up to 15,000 miles of protection. All of these filters come with a warranty, and though it is best to use synthetic oil, these filters can also work with conventional oil. These oil filters also help to keep the engine of the vehicle working as well as possible, and can even add extra years to the life of the engine.

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