What Types of Vehicles Can You Flat-Tow Behind an RV?


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Vehicles that tow flat behind a recreational vehicle include those with rear-wheel drive and manual transmissions. Four-wheel drive vehicles are also an option if they have a manual transfer case that the owner can place in neutral before towing. Jeeps and Ram pickups are two examples.

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While adding a tow dolly or four-wheel trailer to the RV setup allows almost any vehicle to be towed, most owners prefer flat towing. It eliminates the problems of storage of the trailer at home and at the campsite when it is not in use. The trailer also requires additional maintenance that many RV owners prefer to avoid.

However, some vehicles with manual transmissions do not work for flat towing. Newer Toyota vehicles with manual transmissions have a pump that operates when the motor is running to provide lubrication for the transmission. When in tow, the motor is not running so the transmission is missing the lubrication it requires, and serious damage may occur.

The owner’s manual serves as the best source of information to determine if a vehicle is safe to tow with all four wheels down or with two wheels down and two on a tow dolly, or if it requires a four-wheel trailer.

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