What Types of Uses Are Recommended for a Mercedes Benz Sprinter?


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Consumers find the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter useful for cargo and commercial and general-purpose uses. Mercedes-Benz also offers a four-by-four version of the Sprinter, making the vehicle useful for rugged terrain outside of the city.

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What Types of Uses Are Recommended for a Mercedes Benz Sprinter?
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Many types of companies, including construction, professional and law enforcement, find many uses for the Sprinter. With a seating capacity of 12 passengers or a cargo volume of 68.6 cubic feet, the 2500 Standard Roof version offers significant room for transporting cargo or passengers. Those needing more cargo space can also consider the High Roof model, which offers either 80.9 or 190.3 cubic feet of storage.

Mercedes-Benz further offers seating comfort that less-expensive, similar vans may not offer, making the Sprinter ideal for families or for companies that need to transport groups of passengers. Companies in rural areas benefit from the increased power of the four-by-four feature. Mercedes-Benz also raised the front of the four-by-four version by 4.3 inches and the back by 3.1 inches, creating 20 percent greater ground clearance for a higher slope-climbing ability. Companies deciding between a truck or a cargo van should also consider that vans provide protection from theft and the weather and offer increased advertising space on the outside surfaces.

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