What Types of Used Car Parts Can You Purchase From a Scrap Yard?


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Virtually any type of used car parts are available for purchase from a scrap or salvage yard, including fuses, alternators, transmissions and engines. Due to the nature of salvage yards, however, the availability of certain parts varies by location and over time.

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An auto junk yard or salvage yard is a location that receives damaged vehicles and sells their internal components piece by piece. Most yards consist of an open area of cars with limited organization, which means that there is typically only an inventory of cars in the lot and not of actual parts. As such, a buyer often needs to go into the lot to search for a specific part.

When shopping for used parts at a scrap yard, a buyer should have a list of different makes and models of cars that contain compatible versions of the part she needs. This makes her search significantly easier, as she does not need to find her exact car in the yard in order to find the part. It is also helpful because, even if she does locate the exact car, it may not contain the part. Buyers should always test parts when possible and know the return policy for any yard before buying.

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