What Types of Tires Does Canadian Tire Carry?


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Canadian Tire, a Canadian retail outlet, sells all-season tires, winter tires and performance tires. Specific brands include Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop, Uniroyal and Toyo Tires. Most of Canada has two tire seasons, and often, Canadian Tire offers packaged specials on rims and tires to make the twice-a-year tire swap easier.

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All-season tires are suitable for safe driving in most weather conditions but may not work in parts of Canada that see significant snowfall. Drivers in places like Victoria, on Vancouver Island, can usually get away with all-season tires year-round. All-season tires provide a quieter ride than winter tires.

Winter tires are the norm in places like Edmonton or Montreal, which frequently see sub-zero temperatures and deep snow throughout the winter season. These tires are made of special compounds that improve traction, making stopping safer and easier. They are recommended in areas where temperatures regularly dip below 7 degrees Celsius, or 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Performance tires, or summer tires as they are sometimes called, make a car easier to handle and give it a lower, eye-appealing profile. The tires have a wider tread, giving the wheels more contact with the road and greater traction on dry surfaces. They may wear out faster than all-season tires and must be swapped out before the fall rains.

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