What Types of Tires Can You Use for Boat Trailers?


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Tires designed for trailer use usually contain "ST" in the tire's name and/or size information on the sidewall. The tires might also be marked with "For trailer use only."

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A trailer tire's size marking should look like "ST255/65x14," where 255/65 can be any numbers that indicate the tire's width and aspect ratio. In this example, 14 is the wheel diameter and the x can stand for either R for a radial tire or D for a bias ply tire. Bias ply tires are recommended for short distance trailer hauling, while radial tires are recommended for long trips.

Trailer tires are required to indicate a load range, or a minimum and maximum weight load that the tire can safely carry. This information can also be found on the tire's sidewall. Load can be calculated by adding the weight of a trailer to the weight of the boat or other trailer cargo.

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