What Types of Services Does Steve Landers Toyota Offer?

What Types of Services Does Steve Landers Toyota Offer?

Steve Landers Toyota offers many services, such as selling new and pre-owned vehicles, buying cars, providing financing for cars, selling parts and servicing cars. Additionally, the Steve Landers Toyota website provides virtual test drive videos to help buyers make informed decisions.

Steve Landers Toyota has many options for those buying new and pre-owned vehicles. In addition to standard Toyotas, the dealership offers hybrid vehicles and vehicles that get 40 miles per gallon. The website also features a Car Finder utility that lets users input desired car specifications and determine if the dealership has that exact vehicle available.

The dealership sells standard pre-owned Toyota vehicles and also offers "Q Certified" vehicles. This certification includes coverage of the vehicle for either seven years or 100,000 miles, as well as coverage of the car's transmission, engine, and front and rear four wheel drives.

Steve Landers Toyota offers many financing services, including a Financing Department to help answer questions about credit, the decision to buy or lease a vehicle, and other relevant financing questions. Users may also estimate their credit score through the dealership website and to fill out the application and submit it entirely online.

The dealership also provides parts and service to vehicles. The common services provided include tune-ups, tire rotation, oil changes, tire balancing and air conditioner repair.