What Are Some Types of Salvage Cars Sold by Ride Safely?

As of 2015, Ride Safely offers a wide variety of salvage vehicle types for sale on its website, including cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles and industrial vehicles. Ride Safely also offers other types of salvage vehicles, including motorcycles and boats.

Ride Safely website visitors are also able to find specific vehicles in the company's inventory by sorting search results by country, vehicle make, vehicle type, vehicle model and a distance radius from a specified ZIP code.Customers can also search buy-it-now listings, no-fees listings and featured listings by clicking on the icons for each type of listing on the search page.

Ride Safely states that the company lists over 50,000 vehicle auction listings on its website and represents data taken from over 700 auction locations around the United States and other countries. The Ride Safely website serves as a platform that connects buyers with various selling companies such as banks, wholesalers, car dealers, insurance companies and leasing companies. Ride Safely customers are also able to purchase cars from wholesale auto auctions without having to have dealer licenses.

Ride Safely's website states that its platform serves over 700,000 members and operates international centers in various countries, including Canada, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. The company also provides customer service in various languages, including Arabic, German, Spanish, English and Russian.