What Types of Questions Are on a Truck Driving Written Test?


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Questions on a certification test for a commercial driver's license cover safety procedures for various types of cargo, details of trucking-specific traffic laws and the terminology commonly used in the field. The test also includes questions based on scenarios truckers are likely to encounter.

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What Types of Questions Are on a Truck Driving Written Test?
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Many of the questions on the certification test revolve around following applicable traffic laws and special trucking laws to avoid any potential safety risks. For example, the test frequently asks drivers how to handle situations during the night, as many truck drivers operate at all hours. Common questions are on issues including the appropriate speed to travel at night, what condition a truck must be in for night operation and when and how to take necessary breaks.

A commercial driver's license is a special form of driving certification that allows individuals to drive various types of cargo for transportation through official logistical and shipping businesses. All drivers operating trucks above a certain size are required by law to possess a minimum level of knowledge to ensure that the proper safety precautions are taken at all times. A commercial driver's license can only be obtained after an individual passes the certification test and has a valid standard driver's license.

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