What Types of Products Does Sawyer Oars Make?

What Types of Products Does Sawyer Oars Make?

Sawyer makes wood, composite and hybrid oars as well as oar blades and accessories, as of 2015. The company also makes kayak, raft, canoe and stand up paddles. Sawyer designs and handcrafts its products in Talent, Oregon.

A Sawyer utility oar is made from fully laminated straight grain Douglas fir wood, which features high strength to weight ratio. The utility oar features a tapered shaft circumference, a round barrel grip with vinyl grip cover and marine grade varnish finish. The fir blade’s solid ash edges offer durability, while its crown power face provides smooth strokes. The oar is suitable for fishing pontoon boats, small crafts, dories and drift boats.

The brand’s Smoker oars feature Northern white ash wood that offers strength and flexibility. A Smoker whitewater oar features Dynel and Kevlar pro-tip, rope wrap and rubber stop. The oar can function in rough water conditions with protection from rocks and debris.

Sawyer also makes hybrid wood oars with carbon fiber covering. The company sells DyneLite, V-Lam, square top and Dyno X oars. Dyno X oars feature carbon fiber reinforced blades and fiberglass/carbon X weave reinforced shafts.

Sawyer’s composite oar products include polecat, spare tire, MX and Trout Unlimited polecat oars. The polecat oars feature fiberglass shafts and interchangeable blades with optional shaft and counter balance weight upgrades.