What Are Some Types of Performance Parts for the Mazda B2200?


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Superchargers, nitrous kits, blow-off valves, voltage stabilizers and performance chips are examples of performance parts available for the Mazda B2200. Performance chips, such as the Oxygen Sensor POWER Performance CHIP, Stage 3 Surge O2 Chip Combo or the Surge Performance Chip, increase the torque and horsepower of a Mazda B2200, and are easy to install and program.

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Gas shock absorbers improve the handling and control of performance vehicles, and are calibrated to counterbalance for worn suspensions. Examples of gas shock absorbers available for the Mazda B2200 include the standard rear KYB Monomax high performance monotube shock for two-wheel drive vehicles and the KYB Gas-a-just Shock Absorber for four-wheel drive vehicles.

Nitrous kits may provide an extra 100 horsepower in vehicles and may increase fuel mileage. The Nitrous Express GenX Accessory Kit available for Mazda B2200 vehicles comes with a fuel pressure safety switch, a National Hot Rod Association approved pressure release fitting and blowdown tube and a bottle heater with pressure transducer. The GenX kit also provides the necessary electrical connections and wires for installation of the nitrous booster. The Universal New Old Stock Single Fogger Nitrous Wet Kit comes with a 10-pound bottle with brackets and bottle valve, an instruction manual and a Fogger nozzle for the production of nitrous fuel.

Other types of performance parts available for the Mazda B2200 include performance clutches, spark plugs, boost controllers and turbo timers.

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