What Types of Parts Are Available in Toyota Junkyards?


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Depending on the salvage yard, virtually any Toyota part is available at a Toyota salvage yard. These yards receive new parts every day, so the stock is constantly rotating. Most salvage yards have websites with a search feature that allows users to search for a particular part or parts by entering information such as make, model, year and part number, and the yard's database returns matches with that part, detailing exactly where the part is located.

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Parts available vary by year, and older model vehicle parts are more scarce than newer ones. Parts range from transmissions to engines to fuel valves and head gaskets. Also available are larger parts such as doors, hoods, bumpers and tires. Other parts frequently found include steering wheels, starters, dashboard consoles and seats.

Some salvage yards sell full vehicles for purchase, which buyers generally use specifically for the parts. These vehicles usually are not fully operational for one reason or another, but many of their parts are still in working condition.

In many cases, shoppers may buy the parts they seek directly online from a salvage yard if the yard includes that functionality on its website. Depending on the part, the buyer might have to go to the yard in person to retrieve it.

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