What Types of Parts Does AutoZone Carry?


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AutoZone carries a huge variety of parts ranging from exterior car parts and accessories like windscreens, mirrors, baffles and deflectors to interior features like upholstery, consoles and many other components. The business also carries various replacement parts on a by-order basis as well as lubricants, various hydraulic fluids and specialized parts for utility vehicles like work trucks, utility vehicles and other working vehicles.

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What Types of Parts Does AutoZone Carry?
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AutoZone maintains a vast online, direct order and store-by-store inventory of engine components including filters, carburetors, drive belts and other essential components. In addition to these replacement and performance parts, the chain also carries batteries and starters of all kinds for use in many different types of vehicles.

AutoZone does a large volume of business in interior car materials like floor mats, dash covers, headliners, cargo mats and many other utility products which, while not mechanical, do assist in the function and cleanliness of a car. It also stocks remote starters and other remote access tools for security and convenience.

The business deals heavily in sensors for monitoring a car's internal functions. These include airflow sensors, coolant temperature sensors, transmission speed sensors and many other tools that help to regulate engine performance and keep cars running at peak capacity while also helping them remain safe and functional.

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