What Are Types of Hydraulic Fluid?


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Zin dialkyl dithiophosphate is a type of anti-wear hydraulic fluid used when the ability to maintain lubrication is essential in a hydraulic system. DIN 51524 belongs to a class of detergent-containing hydraulic fluids, named HLP-D, which are useful for precipitating contaminants out of hydraulic components.

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What Are Types of Hydraulic Fluid?
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Water glycol is a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid made with de-ionized water, and it protects the machine components under especially intensive, service conditions. It is comprised of ethylene or diethylene, a heavy polyglycol, water and other water-soluble polymer thickeners. Another type of fluid is polyol-ester, which is valued in industry for its ability to break chemical bonds, merely by mixing substances.

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