What Are Some Types of Honda Three-Wheel Scooters?


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As of July 2015, Honda's only three-wheeled scooter is the Gyro cargo scooter. Patent filings in January of 2015 indicate that Honda is developing a leaning three-wheeled motorcycle in the style of scooters made by several other companies.

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The Gyro is only available in Japan and is primarily used as a cargo scooter. It has a front windshield as well as a large cargo box mounted to the back. The scooter has a 50 cubic centimeter engine and gets about 100 miles per gallon of gas. It is able to tilt like a motorcycle, but the two rear wheels offer additional stability.

Honda's three-wheel motorcycle design places two wheels at the front and potentially could be adapted to a scooter design, as several other companies have similar scooters.

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