What Types of Heavy-Duty Wheels Are Available for Carts?


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Heavy-duty wheels for carts include non-marking, quiet rolling, temperature resistant, non-flattening and forged steel. Heavy-duty cart wheels are available in a variety of materials and styles for use in commercial, industrial and household settings.

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To avoid scratches and scuff marks on flooring, non-marking wheels are typically used in medical facilities, offices, restaurants, schools and other public places. Carts in medical facilities primarily haul laundry or medical supplies, and therefore also use types of heavy-duty wheels made of materials that are easily sanitized and non-absorbent, such as polyurethane, resin or nylon. Carts with heavy-duty wheels used in office or school environments haul items such as cases of paper, electronic equipment and water jugs. These wheels are usually made of non-marking rubber. Rubber wheels present a strong grip on any type of surface and make little to no noise when rolled across carpeted or tiled areas, while plastic or metal-based wheels cause a rolling sound and click across tiles.

Temperature-resistant heavy-duty cart wheels are best used in industrial settings, such as steel mills, factories, industrial welding facilities and incineration plants. These wheels are made of cast iron, high-temperature polyurethane, forged steel and thermo-plastic rubber. Non-flattening heavy duty wheels are often used on carts for landscaping or lawn supplies. Non-flattening wheels are typically made of rubber and have treads for gripping grass, dirt or holding steady on inclines or uneven terrain.

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