What Are Some Types of Harley Motorcycle Frames?

What Are Some Types of Harley Motorcycle Frames?

The Sportster, Softail, Dyna and Hardtail are some types of motorcycle frames manufactured by Harley-Davidson. The company has produced many different types of frames in its history. Some have faded quickly, while others have become recognizable symbols of the iconic manufacturer.

The Sportster is the smallest and lightest of the Harley-Davidson frames manufactured, as of 2015. It is the entry level bike in price, performance and ease of use. It is a good bike for beginners, although it has a high center of gravity that can make low-speed maneuvering a little more difficult for the rider to maintain balance.

The Softail may be the most well-known frame style, especially for those who are not Harley aficionados. It was made famous when Arnold Schwarzenegger rode one in the movie "Terminator 2," It has been the base frame for many famous models, including the Fat Boy, the Panhead and the Deuce.

Harley has been making Hardtail frame styles since the 1930s. It has the very low slung lines and extended back wheel made famous with motor combinations in colorful monikers such as Fathead and Shovelhead. It gives the iconic 1950s biker appearance.

The Dyna is one of the newer frame designs, with its development in the 1980s. It is the base component of the company's successful Super Glide line.