What Are Some Types of Ford Racing Engines?

The M-6007-X427FFT and the M-6007-Z427FFT are high-performance Ford racing engines. Ford's Performance division sells both engines under the competition category. Although they have the same displacement capacity, the M6007-Z427FFT is able to produce more power.

While the M-6007-X427FFT produces up to 450 horsepower, the M-6007-Z427FFT is able to produce 535 horsepower. Both engines have a compression ratio of 10.5:1, but the M-6007-Z427FFT produces higher torque: 545 feet per pound compared to the M-6007-X427FFT's 520. These engines feature hydraulic roller camshafts, 4-inch stroke forged steel cranks, 4.125-inch forged pistons and the Boss 351 engine block. The M-6007-X427FFT has one oil pan in the front and the M-6007-Z427FFT has one in the front and one in the rear.