What Types of Extended Warranties Does Interstate National Dealer Services Offer?

As of 2015, Interstate National Dealer Services offers 12 different types of warranties that relate to gasket, tire and anti-theft insurance. The services offered are also relevant to a number of different types of vehicles, including boats, RVs, cars and power sport models, according to INDS.com.

The most common type of service offered by Interstate National Dealer Services is Star, states INDS.com. Star is a basic comprehensive program that focuses on parts, such as gasket repair. The Star program is also used on marine vehicles, ATVs and campers, offering the same type of coverage.

Interstate National Dealer Services also offers GAP insurance. GAP is a special type of insurance that protects drivers with vehicles that are not paid off and are totaled in an accident. The GAP insurance is supposed to pay for anything the owner owes, removing the debt if the car is lost in an auto accident. Their GAP insurance is also available for recreational vehicles.

Tire and Wheel Protection guards against any damage that can occur from pot holes, blow outs or flats. This insurance is also available for campers and recreational vehicles.

Interstate also offers services that protect against theft or road hazards. For the theft policy, anything stolen from a vehicle is reimbursed, while the road hazard policy takes care of damage caused by nature.