What Are Some Types of DieHard Automotive Batteries?


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DieHard manufactures a wide range of automotive batteries, categorized as Standard, Gold, Advanced Gold or Platinum. DieHard batteries come in a variety of types and designs to fit virtually any vehicle need, and the company even takes climate under consideration in manufacturing its various models. The DieHard website includes an online tool called Find My Battery that allows users to input information such as car make, model and year, to find the best battery for their car and location.

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DieHard Platinum batteries are the most reliable and powerful battery the company sells. Additionally, these models are maintenance free and have a longer life. The Platinum batteries work with most vehicle makes and models, including pick-up trucks and SUVs. They are also recommended for vehicles with multiple electronic accessories.

The Advanced Gold batteries feature AGM technology are manufactured for reliability, long life and all climates. These batteries have an enhanced electronic suspension system, spill-proof structure and fast recharging times. The Advanced Gold models also come with improved vibration protection and an extended cycle for better performance.

DieHard Gold batteries are specifically designed for complex vehicles and difficult climates. The DieHard Gold North models have increased crank power for use in very cold climates, while the DieHard Gold South models have thicker plates to resist high heat in more tropical climates.

DieHard Standard batteries include good starting power and adaptability to both hot and cold climates. Like the Gold models, Standard models have both North and South versions to accommodate a range of climates and temperatures.

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