What Types of Cars Does Hyman Classic Cars Sell?


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Hyman Classic Cars is a classic auto dealer in St. Louis, Missouri, that specializes in vintage automobiles. The dealer focuses on collecting cars that are rare, which may include special interest, antique and classic cars. Hyman Classic Cars typically has over 100 cars available for sale to buyers worldwide.

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The types of cars sold by the classic auto dealer generally fall into three categories: pre-war classic cars, post-war American cars that are collectible, and pre- and post-war sports cars. Some pre-war classic cars that may display in the dealer's showroom include cars from the 1920s, such as the Auburn 8/90, the Cadillac Type V-63 and the Ahrens Fox NS4 fire engine. Cars in this category generally have elongated engine compartments and hoods, and several are convertibles.

There are also several post-war American collectible cars available Hyman Classic Cars as of 2015. These may include Austin Healey convertibles, BMWs and Alfa Romeos. Collectible sports cars may include Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz models. Hyman Classic Cars also features some rare war-time cars as well. For example, the showroom may have old war cars such as the Daimler Ferret tank, the Dodge M43 ambulance or the M2A1 Half Track gunner.

Typical buyers include enthusiasts, museums and car collectors. The classic auto dealer ships domestically and internally.

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