What Types of Cars Can You Purchase for Under 200 Dollars?

What Types of Cars Can You Purchase for Under 200 Dollars?

Cars selling for $200 typically are pre-owned, have high mileage and may need repairs. Online car marketplaces such as AutoTrader.com and Cars.com are likely places to find cars under $200, as are general websites such as eBay and CraigsList.org.

Both AutoTrader.com and Cars.com allow users to customize searches according to price. Both sites only allow users to filter searches for under $1,000. However, from there it's possible to organize the search results to reflect the lowest prices first, thus showing whether there are any $200 cars.

EBay Motors offers a similar search customization offer, though users can specify they don't want to see results over $200. The only cars available for that type of price are typically bids. The cars are usually more than 20 years old and have 75,000 miles or more. In some cases, the cars aren't running or feature body damage.

Government auctions are another likely source. These cars are usually police impounds, so they're sold below market value. Auctions start as low as $100.

Visitors can locate available cars on auction sites such as Gov-Auctions.org. This site allows visitors to search cars by make, model and price. It's also possible to see what other customers have bought for different prices.