What Types of Cars Appear in a Goodguys Custom Car Show?


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Goodguys custom car shows features thousands of antique cars and hot rods that have been refurbished or restored, and many of them have been customized by the car's owner. Galleries of photos of Goodguys car shows in previous years can be found at the Goodguys website in the Photo/Video section.

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Custom cars are the most popular kind of cars shown at Goodguys car shows. Custom cars are antique cars that have been pulled apart, altered and put back together by the owner or a specialty car repair shop. Goodguys car shows feature cars from almost every year cars have been made and almost every kind of car imaginable. The shows feature Super Sports vehicles, trucks, station wagons, hot rods and convertibles.

For a customised car to be included in a Goodguys car show, it must meet a very high industry standard. Some of the cars featured at the shows have running engines, while others are simply there for show and have to be hauled to and from the car show grounds. Not all of the cars showcased at the show are for sale. The cars that are for sale feature a large "For Sale" sign, which usually includes the buyer's asking price.

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