What Types of Car Parts Can Be Found at National Parts Depot?


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National Parts Depot specializes in parts for the restoration of collectible American-made muscle cars and some collectible truck models. The company's primary focus is parts for American-made sports cars by Ford, General Motors and Dodge from 1950s models through the early 1990 styles.

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The company does not offer parts for all of the classic cars of the specified eras but instead focuses on specific models that are popular with collectors. In the General Motors classification, the company has parts for 1967 through 1981 models of the Chevy Camaro and for 1964 through 1987 model Chevy Chevelles. Chevy truck parts from 1948 through 1998 are also stocked.

The focus for Pontiac vehicles is the Firebird and the GTO with emphasis on 1967 through 1981 and 1964 through 1972 model years respectively. Whether the vehicle is a Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth, National Parts Depot has parts for all Mopar engines from 1960 to 1976.

For the Ford Motor Company, the parts list is heavy on Mustangs and Thunderbirds. All Mustangs are covered from 1965 through 1993, and the prime collector years of 1955 through 1957 are supplied for the Thunderbird. Ford pickup trucks and Broncos from the 1940s to 1990s are also included in the parts supply inventory.

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